In-home Sessions.



In-home sessions are my absolute favorite thing. They really tell the story of my clients and I get to know them on a more personal level. This photo was taken around 6:20 P.M. in an  apartment complex, on the 3rd floor, in a living room with three big beautiful windows that let tons of natural lighting in. I just love the way this photograph turned out! The lady photographed is Kyia Young. She is an upcoming blogger in Lafayette, LA. She has a natural look. For the record, she only has a touch of lip gloss on in this photo and looks absolutely stunning. Anyway, we got together to take photos for her blog which you should totally go follow. She provides advice on fashion and uplifting vibes.

Natural Lighting

Okay, so the majority of my shoots are taken super early morning around 6:30 A.M. – 7 A.M. or late evening around 7 P.M. I admire the way earth’s sun shines during those times of the day. I feel that the light brings a glowing feel to the individuals I photograph,  highlighting them in such a beautiful way. The photos of Erica below were taken at the Horsefarm in Lafayette, LA around 7 P.M. This shoot turned out magical 1) because she is actually a unicorn and 2) those God given golden rays of sunshine.


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